Amazing Wedding Cake Inspiration and Idea’s

Elaborate wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular at most weddings these days. Cake making is now an art form and you can find beautifully decorated wedding cakes in every shape, color and design you can dream of. Here’s a few of our favorite picks for your wedding cake inspiration.

The Indian Inspired Cake

Indian cake 3  Indian cake 1

All that glitters is gold

classic timeless cake 6.5 Classic Timeless cake 5 Classic Timeless cake 4 Classic Timeless cake 4.5


Decadent Chocolate cakes

choclate cake 10 Choclate cake 9 Choclate cake 8 Choclate cake 7

Artsy Cakes that are simply WOW

Artsy cakes 13 artsy cakes 13.5 Artsy cakes 12 Artsy cakes 11

Peacock themed cakes

Peacock themed cake 16 Peacock themed cake 15 

Oriental beauties

Oriental beauties 19 Oriental beauties 18 Oriental beauties 17


Something blue wedding cakes

Something blue 22 Something blue 21 Something blue 20


Classic white wedding cakes

White cake 25 White cakes 24 white cakes 24.5

Unique cake colors

Unique cake colors 30 Unique cake colors 30.5 Unique cake colors 29 Unique cake colors 28  Unique cake colors 26


Squarish  cakes

squarish cakes 32 squarish cakes 31 Squarish cakes 30


Lace cakes

delicate lace cakes 36 delicate lace cakes 35 delicate lace cakes 34 delicate lace cakes 33

Pink/Blush Cakes

pink cakes 43 pink cakes 42 pink cakes 41 pink cakes 40 pink cakes 39 pink cakes 38 Pink cakes 37

Black, White and Grey cakes

blackwhite and grey cakes 48 blackwhite and grey cakes 48.5 blackwhite and grey cakes 47 blackwhite and grey cakes 47.5 blackwhite and grey cakes 46 blackwhite and grey cakes 46.5 blackwhite and grey cakes 45 blackwhite and grey cakes 44

Shades of different colors

shades of different colors 51 shades of different colors 50


Modern cake designs


modern cake designs 57 modern cake designs 56 modern cake designs 55 Modern cake designs 54 Modern cake designs 52

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